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Malefice meaning

Malefice - 1 dictionary results

Malefice - examples of usage

  1. O'er rigid hills and valleys locked and mute, A pallor steals as of a world made still When Death, that erst had crept, stands absolute- An earth now frozen fast by power of eyes That malefice and purposed silence fill, The gaze of that Medusa of the skies. - "The Star-Treader and other poems", Clark Ashton Smith.
  2. A white rag, an old bone lying in the path, might be a malefice which, if trodden upon, would cause his leg to blacken and swell up to the size of the limb of an elephant;- an unopened bundle of plantain leaves or of bamboo strippings, dropped by the way- side, might contain the skin of a Soucouyan. - "Two Years in the French West Indies", Lafcadio Hearn.
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