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Lucknow meaning

lucknow - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. the British residents of Lucknow were besieged by Indian insurgents during the Indian Mutiny ( 1857)
  2. 2. a city in northern India in Uttar Pradesh; during the Indian Mutiny its British residents were beseiged by Indian insurgents

lucknow - examples of usage

  1. By the time these arrived, Sir James Outram had been appointed general of the forces in India; but he generously refused to accept the command till Lucknow had been relieved, saying that, Havelock having made such noble exertions, it was only right he should have the honour of leading the troops till this had been done.
  2. And Lucknow was not yet to be relieved.
  3. After a series of the most thrilling incidents the world has known, Lucknow was finally relieved by Sir Colin Campbell.
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