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Lout meaning

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lout - examples of usage

  1. Claus Hopper now made his appearance: a simple country lout, full of awe at finding himself in the very study of Dr. Knipperhausen, and too much embarrassed to enter into much detail of the matters that had caused his alarm. - "Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists", Washington Irving.
  2. " Oh, Mercy," he cried, gloomily wrathful, " if I was to see another man, lord or lout, making love to you, I'd smash him." - "A Poached Peerage", William Magnay.
  3. " Now must thou descend to earth, Thomas," said the Lady, glancing over her shoulder at her unhappy captive, " and lout down, and lay thy head on my knee, and I will show thee hidden things, which cannot be seen by mortal eyes." - "The Scottish Fairy Book", Elizabeth W. Grierson.
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