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Loom meaning

loom - 8 dictionary results

  1. 1. See Loon, the bird.
  2. 2. A frame or machine of wood or other material, in which a weaver forms cloth out of thread; a machine for interweaving yarn or threads into a fabric, as in knitting or lace making.
  3. 3. That part of an oar which is near the grip or handle and inboard from the rowlock.
  4. 4. To appear above the surface either of sea or land, or to appear enlarged, or distorted and indistinct, as a distant object, a ship at sea, or a mountain, esp. from atmospheric influences; as, the ship looms large; the land looms high.
  5. 5. To rise and to be eminent; to be elevated or ennobled, in a moral sense.
  6. 6. The state of looming; esp., an unnatural and indistinct appearance of elevation or enlargement of anything, as of land or of a ship, seen by one at sea.
  7. 7. Frame for weaving cloth, & c.
  8. 8. To appear on the horizon, or through a mist.

loom - examples of usage

  1. His grandfather, who adopted him, failed in business; and Joseph Livesey commenced his career by doing the work of a domestic servant, as well as toiling at the loom.
  2. The figure in the shadows seemed to loom larger and larger.
  3. If she went against us, I could see nothing but a mess of trouble ahead; and I was only too conscious of how big the danger to her would loom in her German- disciplined mind.
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