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Literal meaning

literal - 7 dictionary results

  1. 1. According to the letter or verbal expression; real; not figurative or metaphorical; as, the literal meaning of a phrase.
  2. 2. Following the letter or exact words; not free.
  3. 3. Consisting of, or expressed by, letters.
  4. 4. Literal meaning.
  5. 5. Giving a strict or literal construction; unimaginative; matter- of fast; - applied to persons.
  6. 6. meaning.
  7. 7. Word for word; not figurative; exact.

literal - examples of usage

  1. I shall not give him the literal contents.
  2. " To take the King's opinion" had become a proverbial phrase throughout the land; and it was said that in the case of two farmers haggling over the price of a horse, whenever the phrase was used it received a literal interpretation.
  3. Here seemed a practical illustration of the fact that in a literal sense he was the father of his people.
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