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Legatee meaning

legatee - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. One to whom a legacy is bequeathed.

legatee - examples of usage

  1. I thought I'd better quit them parts; but aunt she showed me her will all done complete, 'sceptin the fust name er the legatee. - "Kitty's Class Day And Other Stories", Louisa M. Alcott.
  2. Mortimer, being asked what would become of the fortune in the event of the marriage condition not being fulfilled, replies that by a clause in the will it would then go to the old servant above- mentioned, passing over and excluding the son; also, that if the son had not been living, the same old servant would have been sole residuary legatee. - "The World's Greatest Books, Vol III", Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, Eds..
  3. Now I learn from my excellent friend Mrs. Mowbray, that her late husband transacted the whole of this business himself; an example which it is impossible, as I need not remark, for his widow and sole legatee to follow. - "The Vicar of Wrexhill", Mrs [Frances] Trollope.
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