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Insignificant meaning

insignificant - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. Not significant; void of signification, sense, or import; meaningless; as, insignificant words.
  2. 2. Having no weight or effect; answering no purpose; unimportant; valueless; futile.
  3. 3. Without weight of character or social standing; mean; contemptible; as, an insignificant person.
  4. 4. Without meaning; unimportant; contemptible.

insignificant - examples of usage

  1. It seemed to her that the work she had tried to do in that room was being swept into a very insignificant heap of dust. - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  2. The inoculation is usually followed by insignificant symptoms. - "Special Report on Diseases of Cattle", U.S. Department of Agriculture J.R. Mohler.
  3. All that was said, but what an insignificant little thing it was that said it! - "Somehow Good", William de Morgan.
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