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Inn meaning

inn - 8 dictionary results

  1. 1. A place of shelter; hence, dwelling; habitation; residence; abode.
  2. 2. A house for the lodging and entertainment of travelers or wayfarers; a tavern; a public house; a hotel.
  3. 3. The town residence of a nobleman or distinguished person; as, Leicester Inn.
  4. 4. One of the colleges ( societies or buildings) in London, for students of the law barristers; as, the Inns of Court; the Inns of Chancery; Serjeants' Inns.
  5. 5. To take lodging; to lodge.
  6. 6. To house; to lodge.
  7. 7. To get in; to in. See In, v. t.
  8. 8. House of entertainment for travellers.

inn - examples of usage

  1. Gertrud waited at the inn.
  2. Tom Long the Carrier coming to an inn, Asked the maid what meat there was within?
  3. And what would become of us if we were forced to spend the night in some inn without our luggage?
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