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Inharmoniously meaning

Inharmoniously - 1 dictionary results

Inharmoniously - examples of usage

  1. A confused sound broke forth, resembling the faraway tooting of tin horns, which blended inharmoniously with the ringing of nearer bells, all producing a noise which was warranted to arouse the heaviest sleeper from his soundest slumber. - "The Lost City", Joseph E. Badger, Jr..
  2. Here is the case of a superb richness having been added to a plainer body, and by no means inharmoniously done. - "The Cathedrals of Northern France", Francis Miltoun.
  3. " And so, my dear young friend, I would say to you: Open up your heart; sing as you skate; sing inharmoniously if you will, but sing! - "Love Conquers All", Robert C. Benchley.
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