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Inflexibility meaning

inflexibility - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. The quality or state of being inflexible, or not capable of being bent or changed; unyielding stiffness; inflexibleness; rigidity; firmness of will or purpose; unbending pertinacity; steadfastness; resoluteness; unchangeableness; obstinacy.
  2. 2. Incapability of being bent; stiffness; obstinacy.

inflexibility - examples of usage

  1. Through the stolidity, the inflexibility of Mattie, Ann Packet read the despair, and charged it with her honest force. - "Mattie:--A Stray (Vol 3 of 3)", Frederick William Robinson.
  2. A sudden grate like metal on metal roughened the deliberate speech with a suggestion of grim inflexibility. - "From the Car Behind", Eleanor M. Ingram.
  3. They talked to each other about the inflexibility of his character, about the massive jaw which, they said, would bite off Germany's head. - "The Soul of the War", Philip Gibbs.
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