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Induce meaning

induce - 9 dictionary results

  1. 1. cause to occur rapidly; " the infection precipitated a high fever and allergic reactions"
  2. 2. produce electric current by electrostatic or magnetic processes
  3. 3. To lead in; to introduce.
  4. 4. To draw on; to overspread.
  5. 5. To lead on; to influence; to prevail on; to incite; to move by persuasion or influence.
  6. 6. To bring on; to effect; to cause; as, a fever induced by fatigue or exposure.
  7. 7. To produce, or cause, by proximity without contact or transmission, as a particular electric or magnetic condition in a body, by the approach of another body in an opposite electric or magnetic state.
  8. 8. To generalize or conclude as an inference from all the particulars; - the opposite of deduce.
  9. 9. To prevail on; cause.

induce - examples of usage

  1. When, however, she found that her three companions had entered before her, nothing would induce her to follow them. - "Stories of Animal Sagacity", W.H.G. Kingston.
  2. Let no force induce you to do what is wrong. - "Stories of Animal Sagacity", W.H.G. Kingston.
  3. If those who want goods at a certain price, cannot get them, they will have to offer a higher price, so that they may induce other people to sell. - "Political economy", W. Stanley Jevons.
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