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Indented meaning

indented - 6 dictionary results

  1. 1. of Indent
  2. 2. Cut in the edge into points or inequalities, like teeth; jagged; notched; stamped in; dented on the surface.
  3. 3. Having an uneven, irregular border; sinuous; undulating.
  4. 4. Notched like the part of a saw consisting of the teeth; serrated; as, an indented border or ordinary.
  5. 5. Bound out by an indenture; apprenticed; indentured; as, an indented servant.
  6. 6. Notched along the margin with a different color, as the feathers of some birds.

indented - examples of usage

  1. The turf on the road- edge was torn up, and deeply indented- where the negro groom had urged his horse into a gallop.
  2. Or Trent, who like some earth- born giant spreads His thirty arms along the indented meads.
  3. The soft- folded, finely indented crook of her elbows made a white frame for her flushed face.
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