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Impure meaning

impure - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. Impurity.
  2. 2. Not pure; unholy; unchaste.

impure - examples of usage

  1. When there were few people, water did not easily become impure.
  2. We have saved millions of dollars annually by guarding against plant and animal disease, and are just beginning to take note of the untold millions wasted every month through neglect of preventable and curable disease, impure foods, defective sanitation and health inspection in homes and schools, unsuitable playgrounds for children, and the lack of safeguards against railway, mine and factory accidents, all of which come properly within the Conservation scope.
  3. Previous to the advent of plantation rubber, the raw material was purchased by the manufacturer in a moist and impure condition; frequently the rubber was adulterated with sand, dirt, and even small stones.
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