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Impedance meaning

impedance - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. The apparent resistance in an electric circuit to the flow of an alternating current, analogous to the actual electrical resistance to a direct current, being the ratio of electromotive force to the current. It is equal to R2 + X2, where R = ohmic resistance, X = reactance. For an inductive circuit, X = 2/ fL, where f = frequency and L = self- inductance; for a circuit with capacity X = 1 / 2/ fC, where C = capacity.

impedance - examples of usage

  1. And so it has, but we usually call it " impedance" instead of resistance because straight wires resist but coils or condensers impede alternating e. - "Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son", John Mills.
  2. The impedance of its secondary will be a quarter of this or 3, 000 ohms. - "Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son", John Mills.
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