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Illiberal meaning

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illiberal - examples of usage

  1. Mr. Montenero had begun by acting a very generous part, she understood, at first, by way of being the benevolent Jew, but had not come up to the alderman's expectations latterly, and had shown a most illiberal partiality to the Manessas, and this Jacob, only because they was Jews; which, you know," said Mrs. Coates, " was very ungentleman- like to the alderman, after all the civilities we had shown the Monteneros on their coming to Lon'on- as Peter, if he could open his mouth, could tell you." - "Tales & Novels, Vol. IX [Contents: Harrington; Thoughts on Bores; Ormond]", Maria Edgeworth.
  2. This might seem illiberal in her; but there is no accounting for the prejudices of people, especially upon religious subjects. - "An Old Sailor's Yarns", Nathaniel Ames.
  3. Many a coarse- minded country gentleman, or village pastor, who would have held his town glorified by the distinction of having sent forth a great judge or an eminent bishop, might disdain to cherish the personal recollections which surrounded one whom custom regarded as little above a mountebank, and the illiberal law as a vagabond. - "Biographical Essays", Thomas de Quincey.
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