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Housewife meaning

housewife - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. The wife of a householder; the mistress of a family; the female head of a household.
  2. 2. Alt. of Housewive
  3. 3. Mistress of a family; domestic manager.

housewife - examples of usage

  1. In answer to my inquiring look he said it was the Gebetglocke, the prayer- bell, and was rung three times a day, at eight, and twelve, and four, so that the scattered inhabitants of the lonely country- side, the sower in the field, the housewife among her pots, the fisherman on the Bodden, or over there, in quiet weather, on the sea, might hear it and join together spiritually at those hours in a common prayer.
  2. So might the housewife of a hundred years ago have said if she had been asked how she attained her ends in the soap, the candles, the dyes, the cakes, the baking of the beans- as critical a piece of business as ever a Parisian chef could attempt- the turning of the heel in stocking- making, the weaving of the colors in the carpet, the bleaching to snowy whiteness of the linen and the woolen blankets.
  3. The next thing would be for that identical very capable housewife to buy a good, first- class, durable and sanitary fireless cooker and use it habitually.
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