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Grammatical meaning

grammatical - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. Pertaining to, or according to the rules of, grammar.

grammatical - examples of usage

  1. Even of the Life of Washington, which it was the fashion of the young democrats of my day to laugh at for the grammatical blunders and inverted English that marred the first edition of that work, Tazewell, who, though never eminent in elegant composition, always wrote good English, and saw all the faults of the work, still put a high value upon it as I certainly now do myself; and within a year of his death, when he was told an author was about to publish a history of the administration of Washington, he observed: " What can he tell that Judge Marshall has not told a great deal better already?"
  2. All that I am concerned with for the moment is that the grammatical forms " I think," " you think," and " Mr. Jones thinks," are misleading if regarded as indicating an analysis of a single thought.
  3. There is no grammatical distinction of genders in Armenian.
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