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Genius meaning

genius - 8 dictionary results

  1. 1. someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality; " Mozart was a child genius"; " he's smart but he's no Einstein"
  2. 2. A good or evil spirit, or demon, supposed by the ancients to preside over a man's destiny in life; a tutelary deity; a supernatural being; a spirit, good or bad. Cf. Jinnee.
  3. 3. The peculiar structure of mind with whoch each individual is endowed by nature; that disposition or aptitude of mind which is peculiar to each man, and which qualifies him for certain kinds of action or special success in any pursuit; special taste, inclination, or disposition; as, a genius for history, for poetry, or painting.
  4. 4. Peculiar character; animating spirit, as of a nation, a religion, a language.
  5. 5. Distinguished mental superiority; uncommon intellectual power; especially, superior power of invention or origination of any kind, or of forming new combinations; as, a man of genius.
  6. 6. A man endowed with uncommon vigor of mind; a man of superior intellectual faculties; as, Shakespeare was a rare genius.
  7. 7. Good or evil spirit presiding over one's destiny.
  8. 8. Special taste or faculty; in born mental power; person endowned with special powers of mind.

genius - examples of usage

  1. Finding such thoughts expressed through the medium of great poetic genius, the beauty of poetic expression was brought home to me as it never had been before, and hence the poetic expression of all thought became a deep pleasure to me.
  2. It was in the serious portion of the Review, the Review proper, that Defoe showed most of his genius. - "Daniel Defoe", William Minto.
  3. It was through the genius of this man that his three sons were doing so well. - "Hodge and His Masters", Richard Jefferies.
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