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Frugally meaning

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frugally - examples of usage

  1. St. Patrick and all those who were with him fasted much, and when they ate it was frugally, of bread and the herbs of the field, and but little meat. - "Fairies and Folk of Ireland", William Henry Frost.
  2. It was further frugally resolved to have the dinner on a Friday and let it be followed by the usual evening party, thus making the same embellishment of the house do for two occasions, as well as augmenting their visitor's opportunity to make acquaintance with the Anglo- American colony in Florence. - "Aurora the Magnificent", Gertrude Hall.
  3. Was it foreknowledge, or merely coincidence which at this same hour led Mrs. Solomon Black, frugally inspecting her supplies for tomorrow morning's breakfast, to discover that her baking- powder can was empty? - "An Alabaster Box", Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and Florence Morse Kingsley.
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