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Football meaning

football - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. An inflated ball to be kicked in sport, usually made in India rubber, or a bladder incased in Leather.
  2. 2. The game of kicking the football by opposing parties of players between goals.

football - examples of usage

  1. Among others, Miss Burgoyne received a couple of cards of invitation, whereupon she came to Lionel, told him that her brother Jim was going to see some football match on that day, explained that she was very anxious to have a look at the precious needle- work, and virtually asked him to take her to the show. - "Prince Fortunatus", William Black.
  2. That was a death- blow to the picturesque hat, which " afforded some slight sport as a football for a few moments, and then vanished and was seen no more." - "John Leech, His Life and Work. Vol. 1", William Powell Frith.
  3. Dixon, a college football man, rushed a German who was about to throw a bomb. - "The Desert of Wheat", Zane Grey.
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