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Fishy meaning

fishy - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. Consisting of fish; fishlike; having the qualities or taste of fish; abounding in fish.
  2. 2. Extravagant, like some stories about catching fish; improbable; also, rank or foul.
  3. 3. Fish- like; tasting or smelling like fish; consisting of, or abounding in, fish.

fishy - examples of usage

  1. Father and son made a comfortable place for me in a not too fishy part of the boat, hauled up the huge poetic sail, and we glided out beyond the jetty.
  2. Of course a man hasn't been at the game all the years I have without becoming aware that nothing's more common than for A, when he's accused of a crime, to try to lay the blame of it on B; and that, therefore, if for that reason only, what that chap in Winchester Gaol says smells fishy.
  3. He turned his head, stared at me fishy- eyed, and got up off the box.
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