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Falter meaning

falter - 8 dictionary results

  1. 1. speak haltingly; " The speaker faltered when he saw his opponent enter the room"
  2. 2. To thrash in the chaff; also, to cleanse or sift, as barley.
  3. 3. To tremble; to totter; to be unsteady.
  4. 4. To hesitate in purpose or action.
  5. 5. To utter with hesitation, or in a broken, trembling, or weak manner.
  6. 6. Hesitation; trembling; feebleness; an uncertain or broken sound; as, a slight falter in her voice.
  7. 7. To fail in distinctness or regularity of exercise; - said of the mind or of thought.
  8. 8. To totter; hesitate in speech; waver.

falter - examples of usage

  1. Elizabeth did not falter.
  2. She found the office with her surface mind, working at cross- purposes with the confusion and swiftly mounting dread which made her footsteps falter, her mouth go dry.
  3. They knelt there underneath the friendly stars and the good Priest prayed, earnestly: Dear, kind and loving Father, then he said, look down upon us as we kneel before Thee, here; direct us with Thy holy Wisdom, for we falter and are cast down with the burden of this day.
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