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Falsifier meaning

falsifier - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. One who falsifies, or gives to a thing a deceptive appearance; a liar.

falsifier - examples of usage

  1. When, however, they become fully aware of them, they proceed to attack private property in one of its partial manifestations, as the falsifier of wages which are rational in themselves, that is, in the ideas they have formed about wages; or of value that is rational in itself, or of commerce that is rational in itself. - "Selected Essays", Karl Marx.
  2. He was therefore consistent in plainly representing private property in its most universal aspect to be the falsifier of economic relationships, and not this or that kind of private property, to a partial degree, as did most of the other political economists. - "Selected Essays", Karl Marx.
  3. " I do think that anyone who knew Mr. Lincoln- his history- his philosophy- his opinions- and still asserts that he was a Christian, is an unbounded falsifier. - "Abraham Lincoln: Was He A Christian?", John B. Remsburg.
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