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Expose meaning

expose - 8 dictionary results

  1. 1. abandon by leaving out in the open air; " The infant was exposed by the teenage mother"; " After Christmas, many pets get abandoned"
  2. 2. expose while ridiculing; especially of pretentious or false claims and ideas; " The physicist debunked the psychic's claims"
  3. 3. To set forth; to set out to public view; to exhibit; to show; to display; as, to expose goods for sale; to expose pictures to public inspection.
  4. 4. To lay bare; to lay open to attack, danger, or anything objectionable; to render accessible to anything which may affect, especially detrimentally; to make liable; as, to expose one's self to the heat of the sun, or to cold, insult, danger, or ridicule; to expose an army to destruction or defeat.
  5. 5. To deprive of concealment; to discover; to lay open to public inspection, or bring to public notice, as a thing that shuns publicity, something criminal, shameful, or the like; as, to expose the faults of a neighbor.
  6. 6. To disclose the faults or reprehensible practices of; to lay open to general condemnation or contempt by making public the character or arts of; as, to expose a cheat, liar, or hypocrite.
  7. 7. A formal recital or exposition of facts; exposure, or revelation, of something which some one wished to keep concealed.
  8. 8. To lay bare; deprive of cover or shelter; place in danger.

expose - examples of usage

  1. Why didn't the real Lieutenant O'Connor arrive to expose you? - "Brand Blotters", William MacLeod Raine.
  2. I warned the Crown- Prince of it, and he threatened to expose Minckwitz and have him arrested. - "The Secrets of Potsdam", William Le Queux.
  3. What can he expose? - "The Secrets of Potsdam", William Le Queux.
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