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Expand meaning

expand - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. To lay open by extending; to open wide; to spread out; to diffuse; as, a flower expands its leaves.
  2. 2. To cause the particles or parts of to spread themselves or stand apart, thus increasing bulk without addition of substance; to make to occupy more space; to dilate; to distend; to extend every way; to enlarge; -- opposed to contract; as, to expand the chest; heat expands all bodies; to expand the sphere of benevolence.
  3. 3. To state in enlarged form; to develop; as, to expand an equation. See Expansion, 5.
  4. 4. To become widely opened, spread apart, dilated, distended, or enlarged; as, flowers expand in the spring; metals expand by heat; the heart expands with joy.
  5. 5. To open; spread out; dilate.

expand - examples of usage

  1. In order that a spring may " give," it must expand, or spread. - "A Handbook of Health", Woods Hutchinson.
  2. The commander may find it necessary, however, to expand the study of fighting strength made in Section I- B of the basic estimate, in order to obtain the detailed data needed for formulating the subsidiary plan. - "Sound Military Decision", U.s. Naval War College.
  3. They cannot contract or expand if they want to. - "Civics and Health", William H. Allen.
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