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Equilibrium meaning

equilibrium - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. Equality of weight or force; an equipoise or a state of rest produced by the mutual counteraction of two or more forces.
  2. 2. A level position; a just poise or balance in respect to an object, so that it remains firm; equipoise; as, to preserve the equilibrium of the body.
  3. 3. A balancing of the mind between motives or reasons, with consequent indecision and doubt.
  4. 4. Equality of weight or force; evenness of balance.

equilibrium - examples of usage

  1. On general principles he was interested in the outcome of the obvious errand which had brought De Peyster to Florence, and beyond this he had already come to look upon Miss Thayer as a most agreeable companion and assistant whose happiness and equilibrium he regretted to see disturbed.
  2. As she was gradually regaining her equilibrium, her presence of mind, a sound crashed through the darkness, which started her trembling worse than ever.
  3. Fierce as the struggle had been, he felt instinctively that his only chance of restoring conditions to anything which even approached equilibrium was to make no new false step.
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