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Epauletted meaning

Epauletted - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. Wearing epaulets; decorated with epaulets.

Epauletted - examples of usage

  1. It is the epauletted sleeve, which gives expansion to so many figures which are, unfortunately, too narrow. - "Manners and Social Usages", Mrs. John M. E. W. Sherwood.
  2. A British officer, girdled and epauletted, stood next to Wingenund. - "Betty Zane", Zane Grey.
  3. A regiment of soldiers was quartered in the town of Dumfries, and to Burns's eye the sight of their red coats was so offensive, that he would not go down the plain- stones lest he should meet " the epauletted puppies," who thronged the street. - "Robert Burns", Principal Shairp.
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