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Enroll meaning

enroll - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. register formally as a participant or member; " The party recruited many new members"
  2. 2. To insert in a roil; to register or enter in a list or catalogue or on rolls of court; hence, to record; to insert in records; to leave in writing; as, to enroll men for service; to enroll a decree or a law; also, reflexively, to enlist.
  3. 3. To envelop; to inwrap; to involve.
  4. 4. Enrolment.
  5. 5. To register; record.

enroll - examples of usage

  1. For his part, he looked forward to the day when, by a further subscription of ten- and- six, he would enroll himself as a member of the Athletic Club.
  2. Also at that place he was accustomed to put his men in pledge, and to enroll them and to renew their pledges every year, and to take such profit therefor as the bailiff of the town was to take at the portman- moot.
  3. Admirers of the loyal- hearted, high- principled young girl, who became a power at high school because of her many fine qualities, will recall her ardent wish to enroll as a student at Hamilton College when she should have finished her high school days.
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