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Enlarge meaning

enlarge - 8 dictionary results

  1. 1. make large; " blow up an image"
  2. 2. To make larger; to increase in quantity or dimensions; to extend in limits; to magnify; as, the body is enlarged by nutrition; to enlarge one's house.
  3. 3. To increase the capacity of; to expand; to give free scope or greater scope to; also, to dilate, as with joy, affection, and the like; as, knowledge enlarges the mind.
  4. 4. To set at large or set free.
  5. 5. To grow large or larger; to be further extended; to expand; as, a plant enlarges by growth; an estate enlarges by good management; a volume of air enlarges by rarefaction.
  6. 6. To speak or write at length; to be diffuse in speaking or writing; to expatiate; to dilate.
  7. 7. To get more astern or parallel with the vessel's course; to draw aft; - said of the wind.
  8. 8. To increase in size; amplify.

enlarge - examples of usage

  1. He then proceeds to enlarge upon what that is.
  2. But I may not enlarge.
  3. It is now aboue fiue and thirty yeares passed, right worshipfull, since that young, sacred, and prudent Prince, king Edward the sixt of happie memorie, went about the discouerie of Cathaia and China, partly of desire that the good young king had to enlarge the Christian faith, and partlie to find out some where in those regions ample vent of the cloth of England, for the mischiefs that grew about that time neerer home aswell by contempt of our commodities, as by the arrestes of his merchantes in the Empire, Flanders, France, and Spaine: forsseeing withall how beneficiall ample vent would rise to all degrees throughout his kingdome, and specially to the infinite number of the poore sort distressed by lacke of worke.
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