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Eminence meaning

eminence - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. That which is eminent or lofty; a high ground or place; a height.
  2. 2. An elevated condition among men; a place or station above men in general, either in rank, office, or celebrity; social or moral loftiness; high rank; distinction; preferment.
  3. 3. A title of honor, especially applied to a cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church.
  4. 4. Loftiness; an elevated station; title of a cardinal.

eminence - examples of usage

  1. The party after climbing an eminence in the vicinity of their halting- place saw a very high hill, due west about forty miles off, and to the N.
  2. We could hardly realize it as we gazed up the rocky eminence at the United States fort, one hundred and fifty feet high, overlooking the little village.
  3. Ranny actually, from his awful eminence, sang out, " No fear!"
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