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Emeritus meaning

emeritus - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. honorably retired from assigned duties and retaining your title along with the additional title ` emeritus' as in ` professor emeritus'; ` retired from assigned duties' need not imply that one is inactive
  2. 2. A veteran who has honorably completed his service.
  3. 3. Honorably discharged from the performance of public duty on account of age, infirmity, or long and faithful services; - said of an officer of a college or pastor of a church.

emeritus - examples of usage

  1. Dear Doctor June, pastor emeritus of Friendship, since he was so identified with all the village interests that not many could tell from what church he had retired. - "Friendship Village", Zona Gale.
  2. Will it be some old Emeritus, who taught so long ago The boys that heard him lecture have heads as white as snow? - "The Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Vol. 5 Poems Of The Class Of '29 (1851-1889)", Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr..
  3. Take these respecting Thackeray, and Leech, both of which immortal humorists were my schoolfellows at the Charterhouse; but, as I have said, they having the misfortune to be merely lower- form boys, and your present scribe ranging as a dignified Emeritus, of course there was then a great gulf between us, pleasantly to be bridged over in after life. - "My Life as an Author", Martin Farquhar Tupper.
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