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Eddy meaning

eddy - 6 dictionary results

  1. 1. A current of air or water running back, or in a direction contrary to the main current.
  2. 2. A current of water or air moving in a circular direction; a whirlpool.
  3. 3. To move as an eddy, or as in an eddy; to move in a circle.
  4. 4. To collect as into an eddy.
  5. 5. Circular motion of water; whirlpool.
  6. 6. To move as in an eddy.

eddy - examples of usage

  1. In riding down to the assistance of Mrs. Landson Zen found herself suddenly caught in an eddy of smoke.
  2. Scarcely an eddy marked where he had sprung in, with such determination had he endeavoured to reach the bottom.
  3. The revolving cylinder and its ribs force the latex against the curved blades so as to cause an eddy in the middle of the machine.
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