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Earthlight meaning

Earthlight - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. The sunlight reflected from the earth to the moon, by which we see faintly, when the moon is near the sun ( either before or after new moon), that part of the moon's disk unillumined by direct sunlight, or the old moon in the arms of the new.

Earthlight - examples of usage

  1. Brawny, muscular men with faces that shone brutally in the blazing, reflected Earthlight scurried back and forth, trying locked doors and making a hurried expedition to scout out the street. - "Master of the Moondog", Stanley Mullen.
  2. By Earthlight, they could distinguish its lines, though not the color. - "Master of the Moondog", Stanley Mullen.
  3. By comparison, this greater portion was dark, though illuminated by earthlight far brighter than any moonlight on Earth. - "The Finding of Haldgren", Charles Willard Diffin.
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