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Dynasty meaning

dynasty - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. Sovereignty; lordship; dominion.
  2. 2. A race or succession of kings, of the same line or family; the continued lordship of a race of rulers.
  3. 3. Succession of sovereigns of one family.

dynasty - examples of usage

  1. The founder of its one dynasty, and the first of its literary prophets, were also taken from following the flocks.
  2. The Hebrew dynasty of the gods is no more; it has done much evil in its long sovranty, which we will try to forget now it ceases to reign; it has done some little good, whose remembrance we will cherish when it is sepulchred, Christ the Great is dead, but Pan the Great lives again, as Mr. Maccall told us in some lines published in this paper several years ago.
  3. Nobody had the least desire to know where Fitz the Younger, unmistakable scion of a somewhat deplorable dynasty, was to be found, except, perhaps, a few London tradesmen, who, if wise men, would be sparing of their tears.
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