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Dun meaning

dun - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. A dun color; an importunate creditor; demand for payment.
  2. 2. Of a dark color; brownish.
  3. 3. To press for payment.

dun - examples of usage

  1. Your mother is a sparrow, gentle and dun- colored.
  2. Miss Arnott I see you done it but I wouldnt say nuthink about it if it wasnt that from what I ear they are going to hang me for what I se you doing and I wont say nuthin about it now if you se I have a loryer and all regular so as to get me out of this were it aint rite I should be sein I saw you they may cutt my tung out before Ill speak unless they make out I dun it so if you dont se I have a loryer and all regular Ill have to speke Jim Baker.
  3. Along the pathway of the sun Sailed vapory mountains, wild and dun.
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