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Downy meaning

downy - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. covered with fine soft hairs or down; " downy milkweed seeds"
  2. 2. Covered with down, or with pubescence or soft hairs.
  3. 3. Made of, or resembling, down. Hence, figuratively: Soft; placid; soothing; quiet.
  4. 4. Cunning; wary.
  5. 5. Covered with, or made of down; like down.

downy - examples of usage

  1. Mrs. Mynors, beautifully gowned, rose from the downy Chesterfield to greet him.
  2. He's a downy old bird.
  3. It seemed to Virginia, as she let her limbs relax in the big, downy old bed, as though she never could sleep again.
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