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Distribute meaning

distribute - 14 dictionary results

  1. 1. to arrange in a systematic order; " stagger the chairs in the lecture hall"
  2. 2. give out; " The teacher handed out the exams"
  3. 3. be mathematically distributive
  4. 4. be distributed or spread, as in statistical analyses; " Values distribute"
  5. 5. spread throughout a given area; " the function distributes the values evenly"
  6. 6. To divide among several or many; to deal out; to apportion; to allot.
  7. 7. To dispense; to administer; as, to distribute justice.
  8. 8. To divide or separate, as into classes, orders, kinds, or species; to classify; to assort, as specimens, letters, etc.
  9. 9. To separate ( type which has been used) and return it to the proper boxes in the cases.
  10. 10. To spread ( ink) evenly, as upon a roller or a table.
  11. 11. To employ ( a term) in its whole extent; to take as universal in one premise.
  12. 12. To make distribution.
  13. 13. Distribution.
  14. 14. To divide among several; allot; deal out.

distribute - examples of usage

  1. But as I had to get rid of my thirty- two rubles, I insisted, and we managed somehow or other to distribute the money.
  2. Give the other two- thirds to Anna and let her distribute it privately among the girls who need it.
  3. Sandys' opponents in the Bermuda Company all along had complained of a plan to distribute the charges of the contract equally between the two companies, arguing that the Virginia tobacco had a greater value and should therefore carry a proportionately larger charge. - "The Virginia Company Of London, 1606-1624", Wesley Frank Craven.
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