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Distanced meaning

Distanced - 1 dictionary results

Distanced - examples of usage

  1. Mr. Woodley, with four guides, distanced the others, some of whom gave in on the Grand Plateau and returned to the Grands Mulets. - "An Impromptu Ascent of Mont Blanc", W. H. Le Mesurier.
  2. He easily distanced all his pursuers with the exception of three or four, and he was gradually drawing away from all of them, except a lieutenant in command of the squad, who seemed to be as well mounted as himself. - "Raiding with Morgan", Byron A. Dunn.
  3. " I try not to believe it of her," said I. In a grave mood we began to walk, and presently, as it chanced, Barbara and I distanced the slow steps of our elders and found ourselves at the Manor gates alone. - "Simon Dale", Anthony Hope.
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