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Dissonant meaning

dissonant - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. characterized by musical dissonance; harmonically unresolved
  2. 2. Sounding harshly; discordant; unharmonious.
  3. 3. Disagreeing; incongruous; discrepant, - with from or to.
  4. 4. Discordant; unharmonious.

dissonant - examples of usage

  1. We therefore protest against a useful and tuneful noun- substantive, a native of France, the word bouquet, being maimed into boquet, a corruption as dissonant to the ear as were to the eye plucking a rose from a variegated nosegay, and leaving only its thorny stem. - "Essays Æsthetical", George Calvert.
  2. A splendid moon silvered the sea; through the intense stillness he heard the surf, magnificently dissonant among the reefs, and he listened, fascinated, loathing the tides as he feared and loathed the inexorable tides that surged and ebbed with his accursed desire. - "The Fighting Chance", Robert W. Chambers.
  3. He even repeated his dissonant laugh. - "Embarrassments", Henry James.
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