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Dismission meaning

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dismission - examples of usage

  1. A very inoffensive passage in this book roused, it seems, the animosity of the physician to the York Lunatic Asylum, and a letter which this gentleman published in one of the York newspapers, became the origin of a controversy among the governors of that establishment, which terminated in August, 1814, after a struggle of nearly two years, in the complete overthrow of the old system, and the dismission of every officer of the asylum, except the physician himself. - "Chapters in the History of the Insane in the British Isles", Daniel Hack Tuke.
  2. All that remained to wish for was a gentle dismission. - "Biographical Essays", Thomas de Quincey.
  3. The General Canons provide that " before a clergyman shall be permitted to settle in any Church or Parish, or be received into union with any Diocese of this Church as a Minister thereof, he shall produce to the Bishop, or if there be no Bishop, to the Standing Committee thereof, a letter of dismission from under the hand and seal of the Bishop with whose Diocese he has been last connected . - "The American Church Dictionary and Cyclopedia", William James Miller.
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