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Cumulative meaning

cumulative - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. Composed of parts in a heap; forming a mass; aggregated.
  2. 2. Augmenting, gaining, or giving force, by successive additions; as, a cumulative argument, i. e., one whose force increases as the statement proceeds.
  3. 3. Tending to prove the same point to which other evidence has been offered; -- said of evidence.
  4. 4. Given by same testator to the same legatee; -- said of a legacy.
  5. 5. Increasing by additions.

cumulative - examples of usage

  1. Such a kitchen cabinet is handicapped in any neighborhood because constant use makes the minor annoyance a cumulative one, which reacts directly upon the manufacturer's product.
  2. When a man, who is not a constitutional liar, does lie, he's apt to give his lie too artistic a finish; still, as an example of the lie cumulative and absolute, that lie of his was fair, very fair indeed.
  3. The cogency of the argument lies entirely in the cumulative character of the proof.
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