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Cower meaning

cower - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. crouch or curl up; " They huddled outside in the rain"
  2. 2. To cherish with care.
  3. 3. To stoop by bending the knees; to crouch; to squat; hence, to quail; to sink through fear.
  4. 4. To crouch or sink down through fear: tremble.
  5. 5. To cronch or shrink, as from peril or suffering.

cower - examples of usage

  1. As the shades deepened, a shudder went through the whole town, men and houses seemed suddenly to grow smaller and cower together. - "Stories and Pictures", Isaac Loeb Peretz.
  2. In the latter case I may shrink and cower, or return them contempt for contempt. - "The Approach to Philosophy", Ralph Barton Perry.
  3. Though she recognised dimly the compelling power of this religion, and that it was one which, if sincerely embraced, would make the smallest details of life momentous with eternal weight, yet she knew that her soul could never respond to it, and whether saved or damned that it could only cower in miserable despair under a Deity that was so sovereign as this. - "By What Authority?", Robert Hugh Benson.
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