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Context meaning

context - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. Knit or woven together; close; firm.
  2. 2. The part or parts of something written or printed, as of Scripture, which precede or follow a text or quoted sentence, or are so intimately associated with it as to throw light upon its meaning.
  3. 3. To knit or bind together; to unite closely.
  4. 4. Associated passages of a discourse or treatise.

context - examples of usage

  1. All these his new editor has inserted in a very curious performance which he is pleased to call a Glossary, with such interpretations at the context supplied, without even attempting to support them either by analogy or the authority of our ancient writers.
  2. Realization came with the shock of the name that struck at him suddenly out of the page in a flash that annihilated the context.
  3. Thus the whole context of the two occurrences is different.
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