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Concubinage meaning

concubinage - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. The cohabiting of a man and a woman who are not legally married; the state of being a concubine.
  2. 2. A plea, in which it is alleged that the woman suing for dower was not lawfully married to the man in whose lands she seeks to be endowed, but that she was his concubine.
  3. 3. State of living as man and wife without marriage.

concubinage - examples of usage

  1. To reduce them to the necessity of universal concubinage, by denying to them the civil rights of marriage; thus breaking up the dearest relations of life, and encouraging universal prostitution.
  2. Mr. Breckinridge says the system is one of 'clear robbery, ' 'universal concubinage, '- 'unmitigated wickedness'- and yet it is not to be immediately abolished!
  3. Her father was a drunkard, who had reached the lowest round in the ladder of degradation; her mother had no means of subsistence except concubinage, nor her two sisters except prostitution.
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