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Compute meaning

compute - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. To determine calculation; to reckon; to count.
  2. 2. Computation.
  3. 3. To figure; number; reckon; to calculate.
  4. 4. To reckon; calculate; number.

compute - examples of usage

  1. It seems to me impossible to compute.
  2. At distances which even his trained eye would not attempt to compute lay little round lakes like silver coins on the surface of the prairie; here and there were dark green bluffs of spruce; to the right a ribbon of river, blue- green save where the rapids churned it white, and along its edge a fringe of leafy cottonwoods; at vast intervals square black plots of plowed land like sections on a chess- board of the gods, and farm buildings cut so clear in the mountain atmosphere that the sense of space was lost and they seemed like child- houses just across the way.
  3. " My Lord Duke," he said, " when I compute the days of my captivity in England, I shall omit those I passed at Chatsworth."
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