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Complement meaning

complement - 10 dictionary results

  1. 1. That which fills up or completes; the quantity or number required to fill a thing or make it complete.
  2. 2. That which is required to supply a deficiency, or to complete a symmetrical whole.
  3. 3. Full quantity, number, or amount; a complete set; completeness.
  4. 4. A second quantity added to a given quantity to make it equal to a third given quantity.
  5. 5. The whole working force of a vessel.
  6. 6. The interval wanting to complete the octave; -- the fourth is the complement of the fifth, the sixth of the third.
  7. 7. A compliment.
  8. 8. To supply a lack; to supplement.
  9. 9. To compliment.
  10. 10. That which completes; the full number.

complement - examples of usage

  1. Her complement of men we had no difficulty in obtaining, as the corsairs who had just been captured were glad to obtain good pay and to escape having to serve on board the Parliamentary ships.
  2. Three is the full complement of eggs.
  3. When that he doth enter into the kingdome, by any of the prouinces whatsoeuer, the iudge or gouernor of the first towne dooth in person go forth to meete and receiue him, and giue him his welcome, with great complement of words and ceremonies.
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