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Commons meaning

commons - 6 dictionary results

  1. 1. The mass of the people, as distinguished from the titled classes or nobility; the commonalty; the common people.
  2. 2. The House of Commons, or lower house of the British Parliament, consisting of representatives elected by the qualified voters of counties, boroughs, and universities.
  3. 3. Provisions; food; fare, -- as that provided at a common table in colleges and universities.
  4. 4. A club or association for boarding at a common table, as in a college, the members sharing the expenses equally; as, to board in commons.
  5. 5. A common; public pasture ground.
  6. 6. The commonalty; lower House of Parliament; foot at a common table.

commons - examples of usage

  1. In the meantime the House of Commons passed a resolution of confidence in the Grey administration.
  2. The House of Commons commenced sitting at two, and the Opera began at seven.
  3. He gave evidence before the House of Commons of what he had seen.
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