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Commonplace meaning

commonplace - 7 dictionary results

  1. 1. Common; ordinary; trite; as, a commonplace person, or observation.
  2. 2. An idea or expression wanting originality or interest; a trite or customary remark; a platitude.
  3. 3. A memorandum; something to be frequently consulted or referred to.
  4. 4. To enter in a commonplace book, or to reduce to general heads.
  5. 5. To utter commonplaces; to indulge in platitudes.
  6. 6. An ordinary topic; trite remark; note.
  7. 7. Trite; hackneyed; ordinary.

commonplace - examples of usage

  1. He was a commonplace man, but little above the description of a labourer. - "Hodge and His Masters", Richard Jefferies.
  2. It is a commonplace with some people that America has not developed a great American literature. - "America To-day, Observations and Reflections", William Archer.
  3. Our unity of speech is such a commonplace that we scarcely notice it. - "America To-day, Observations and Reflections", William Archer.
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