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Chancel meaning

chancel - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. Part of a church where the altar stands.

chancel - examples of usage

  1. She wound the homely chancel rail with evergreens, and put leaves and red berries on the walls, and flowers under the sacred picture; her Etchemin woman always keeping her company.
  2. Standing in the pew behind that of Jeremy, I could see the muscles of his mighty back working up and down beneath the broadcloth of his Sunday coat; and as I looked from him to the easily winded gentleman from Pusey House who was running against him in the chancel, I could not help reflecting how ridiculous, nay, how unsportsmanlike, it was to allow two men so ill matched to compete for the same event.
  3. Death of ex- Abbot Reeve; buried in the chancel of St. Mary's Church.
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