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Catholicism meaning

catholicism - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. The state or quality of being catholic or universal; catholicity.
  2. 2. Liberality of sentiment; breadth of view.
  3. 3. The faith of the whole orthodox Christian church, or adherence thereto.
  4. 4. The doctrines or faith of the Roman Catholic church, or adherence thereto.
  5. 5. Universality; tenets of the Catholic church.

catholicism - examples of usage

  1. Once for all, Catholicism is incredible and that is sufficient, but there is much in its ritual which suits me.
  2. Yet although Catholicism supplied most of Aunt Cuckoo's emotional needs, it could not entirely stifle her unsatisfied maternal instinct, so that sometimes, when St. Roch was busy with other patients, she looked back regretfully to the days when her arm really hurt, and her faith was exposed to the insinuations of the Evil One.
  3. Were this to occur, Malta would eventually become the Mecca of Catholicism. - "The Story of Malta", Maturin M. Ballou.
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